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Engagement. Community. Interaction. These are all things that you want for your brand. Many times, however, the multitude of platforms, the need for fresh content, and the constant customer service requirements leave you confused. Just Jord is committed to bringing you measurable bottom line results by reaching targeted audiences.

Social Media

We partner with you to map out a social media strategy that makes sense for your business and customers, and ensures consistency, reach, and influence. Let us take the headache out of social and provide your business with a relevant way to interact with your audience.

This includes a custom in-depth analysis of all your social media channels. We will provide you with an initial report on your target audience, who is most engaged with your channels and which posts perform the best. Leave the posting to us and watch your numbers grow! We will also provide you with weekly, monthly and yearly analytic reports for measured success.

*You can add paid social media marketing such as Facebook ads and promoted posts.

Email Marketing

Wondering why your emails never get opened? We’re here to help! This package includes 2 weekly emails sent out to your newsletter lists informing them about the latest and greatest happenings for your brand or business.

We will provide subject lines based on keyword research, A/B testing to increase your open rate and update your newsletter signups on your website to create more leads.

Content Management

We will create original content just for you around topics that are trending in your community and give recommendations on how to best promote your blog articles on your social channels.

We will also include posts customized to your business and brand to keep your fans and customers up-to-date on all new events and products.

Brand Enhancement

Your customers and your competition are sizing you up, making decisions based on what they see and hear. How do you stack up? Are you portraying the heart and soul of your company through your logo, colors, and messaging? Are you turning away customers just because of an incorrect color choice or a poor message?

We know your brand is important to you, and it is important to Just Jord. We are experts in crafting brands, distilling the essence of a company into a logo, driving interaction through colors, and creating conversations with thoughtful content

You can combine any or all packages for a more complete service.
*Any package can be customized based on your individual needs.

Please feel free shoot us an email at if you have any questions!