born in allentown, pennsylvania. cried a little. laughed a lot. played softball. dabbled in writing. wrote a lot of high school notes. tried out for cheerleading. became captain. listened to emo music. quit cheerleading. moved to philadelphia. studied journalism. questioned everything. learned a lot. studied abroad in spain. tried to learn spanish. drank a lot of wine instead. studied hard. worked at a restaurant. interned for a spanish newspaper. went to prague to learn how to become a foreign correspondent. won an award. graduated college. moved to the jersey shore. worked as a bartender for the summer. became funemployed. booked a one-way ticket to denver. slept on couches. looked for a job. bombed my best friends maid of honor speech. moved in with 6 strange guys from craigslist. worked at a restaurant. got fired. spent a lot of time in the mountains. made some friends. worked at a hedge fund. cried lot. went to colombia. started a blog. bought a dog at a flea market. dated everyone on tinder. learned what it means to hate your job. almost gave up. started working at a wedding company. learned the power of social media. worked at another restaurant. started saving. watched too much reality tv. worked a lot. spent nye 2016 with my peeps in philly. traveled to singapore and thailand. lived in my cousin’s basement. quit my job to travel the world. danced until 5am in cabo. ate tacos in guadalajara. hiked a volcano in guatemala. crashed a wedding in wales. fell in love. got my yoga teacher training in costa rica. learned to surf. took some photos. did more yoga. celebrated 26. moved to california. ate a lot of pad thai. took too many selfies. got a few jobs. learned what i don’t want from a career. dyed my hair bleach blonde. started teaching yoga. questioned life. drove across country. lost a tire in nashville. landed back in philadelphia. rested. worked at a restaurant. worked three freelance jobs. now i’m uncovering new dreams and re-sparking old passions…


If you can’t get enough of me, try here:

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