There Are Two Types of People in This World

OPLEPeople who think they are better than they are and people who are better than they think.

People who love the windows down and people who crank the air conditioning.

People who read their horoscope and people who think Sagittarius is a dinosaur.

People who give and people who take.

People who are old souls and people who are forever young.

People who can drink alone at a bar and people who text all their friends to make sure their not the first one there.

People who want money and people who want notoriety.

People who love the windows down and people who crank the air conditioning.

People who brake at yellow lights and people who barely brake at stop signs.

People who sip red wine and people who order Chardonnay with a side of ice.

People who turn pages in books and people who scroll down on a Kindle.

People who sleep completely naked and people who sleep with their socks on.

People who like Drake and people who have terrible taste in music.

People who work to live and people who live to work.

People who can take shots of whiskey and people who order Fireball.

People who hold a grudge and people who let things go.

People who love to cuddle and people who flinch when touched.

People who play fetch with dogs and people who spend their time avoiding their moody cats.

People who take the lead and people who obligingly follow.

People who watch movies and people who binge on TV series.

People who eat late night pizza regularly and people who haven’t eaten carbs since Mean Girls.

People who can handle looking at blood and people who pass out from a paper cut.

People who shower every day and people who put it off until their hair is in dread locks.

People who can talk to anyone and people who can speak to everyone.

People who watch or read the news and people who retweet CNN.

People who eat bagels and people who eat donuts.

People who can sleep through anything and people who wake up if their dog blinks.

People who need to be in a relationship and people who relish in spending time alone.

People who always have a dead phone and people who never run out of battery.

People who think and people who do.

People who live for the mountains and people who live for the ocean.

People who wear a watch and people who check their phone for the time every 15 minutes.

People who cheat in relationships and people who commit themselves fully to others.

People who teach and people who learn.

People who fold their clothes right away and people who keep them in the dryer for weeks.

People who call their mom every day and people who wait for their mom to call them.

People who can remember what happened in 2nd grade and people who can’t remember what they ate for lunch.

People who eat breakfast and people who roll out of bed already 5 minutes late.

People who stay up all night and people who wake up early.

People who write Yelp reviews and people who rely on Yelp reviews to find a restaurant.

People who talk and people who listen.

People who brush their teeth & wash their face before bed every night and people who swan dive onto their mattress with all their clothes on at the end of the day.

People who overreact and people who stay calm and collected.

People who hit their snooze alarm 8 times and people who wake with the sun.

People who go to the gym every day and people who have sex for exercise

People who dance in the rain and people who always carry an umbrella.

People who love and people who fight.

People who always keep their phone on loud and people who never take their phone off silent.

People who run marathons and people who run only when something is chasing them.

People who always carry cash on them and people who have three credit cards that are all maxed out.

People who make their bed every morning and people who don’t see the point.

People who text ‘k’ and ‘ur’ and people who text in full, grammatically correct sentences.

People who love Chipotle and terrorists.



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