roommates rock.

I’ve lived with 6 girls, 3 girls, 6 guys, 1 guy, 2 guys, 1 girl, my parents and my brother, a houseful of beach bartenders and currently – a guy and a girl.  So when it comes to having roommates – I’m pretty much an expert.  Now, although this girl (special shout out to EmmasThing who rocks it on the reg) insists that living alone is the best.  I’m here to tell you that it’s not.  Here are 20 reasons and a tribute to some, but not all, of my past and present roommates:

1. Who else would walk and feed my dog? I’m so neglectful of my loved ones.

Cherry pie

2. Sometimes I need a reminder to clean my room – or unpack from a trip 2 weeks ago – or do the dishes.

3. I always have a toothbrush to use if I don’t feel like unpacking mine from my suitcase from that trip 2 weeks ago..

cherry and jordan 3

4. There are always eggs in the fridge.  Always.

5. Bachelor and Bachelorette Mondays are awesome when you can openly judge people out loud.

jordan and pedro

6. There is always someone to laugh at you when you mess up instead of you just creepily laughing at yourself.

7. Someone is always down to grab Chipotle at a moment’s notice. But all hell will break loose if they forget the crack chips.

jordan and cherry

8. If you live alone – there is no one there to judge you when you only shave half of your shins because that’s what part is sticking out of your pants.

9. Deciding to watch TV instead of going to hot yoga is totally acceptable and encouraged.  Go to hell self-motivation!

jordan sean and pedro10. If everyone is working from home – happy hour starts at 1pm.

11. Having roommates means having someone to listen to you when you come up with a great idea (pretty often) or just have a really funny comment that needs to be said (all the time).

girls 2

12. You can all be in your separate rooms and be texting each other.  Because this is a modern society.  And we are lazy.

13. When you forget your ID and wallet when you’re at happy hour – someone can swing by the house and get it for you.

jordan and cherry 3

14. If you forget to turn your curling iron off – someone is still *hopefully home to turn it off for you.  Ya know, so the house doesn’t burn down. Safety first

15. You get a whole new set of friends.  Because their friends become your friends.  Unless their friends suck. Then you probably shouldn’t have picked them as roommates.

jordan and mike

16. There is always someone to drink with.  At all times of the day or night.

17. And more importantly, always some sort of alcohol stashed somewhere / everywhere.

jordan and kevin 1

18. Everything is a celebration! You missed your flight? Let’s celebrate! You got a new job? Let’s celebrate! That guy finally texted you back? Let’s celebrate!

kevin and jordan

19. We keep a board on our refrigerator to remind us what day of the week it is.  It’s surprisingly helpful.

20. There are just some things that stay between roommates.  It’s like a secret society.  And no, you’re not invited.


But when you DO have the house to yourself.  It. Is. Awesome.

Going to meet them for happy hour now –  I hope one of them has fed my dog, brought me a jacket, locked the door, did the dishes and stopped at Chipotle.

Fingers crossed,

– J


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