my bucket list.

I have come to terms that I’m never going to become a doctor.  Or ice skate in the Olympics.  Or learn how to play the harp.  It’s just not going to happen.  So I’ve created a short ‘bucket list’ that I think should be pretty obtainable.  And now it’s on the internet so obviously I HAVE to do it, right?

Go to a Bar* Mitzvah: I don’t know how I missed this.  If you know any 12 year old Jewish boys – please feel free to give them my number.  Seriously.

Run into someone I know and not run the opposite direction: This actually happened recently and was completely out of my control.  I was at an event about an hour from where I live and while standing in line for a beer, I turned my head and saw a girl that I knew from high school (in Pennsylvania).  I was so confused by seeing her standing there that I just ran away.  Didn’t get my beer that I had already ordered AND paid for.  Didn’t say a single word.  Just bolted and never looked back.  I then called my best friend and rehashed the entire situation.  So now, I’ve been practicing my head turn in the mirror and then just tacking on the ever so casual, ‘Sup?’

Learn how to use chop sticks: How is one possibly supposed to pick up rice with two pointy sticks? It blows my mind how inept I am at this and how some other people just do it so naturally.  I do try very hard.  Until I realize how hungry I am, then I ask for a spork.


Make out with a guy whose beard is bigger than my face: Living in Colorado, there is no shortage of mountain men.  I want to bring one home to my mom.  Bonus if he is wearing plaid.

Break something and know how to fix it: I am awful at this.  If something is broken – it usually stays broken.  Or someone I know has to fix it after they get tired of hearing me complain about it.  Recently, I just put a desk together all by myself and was SO proud– until I realized that I had about 27 pieces left over.  That’s right.  27.  Two. Seven.  To be fair, I’m pretty sure when I started there were about 27,000 pieces.  And no, it wasn’t from Ikea.

Side note: I know a girl who threw away a remote control because ‘it was broken’ when actually the batteries were dead. At least I’m not that bad

I’m sure there are more things that will be added to my list but I don’t want to over exert myself.  It’s only Wednesday.

Happy Humps,

– J


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