I have a crush.

Guys. I know it’s been awhile – but I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I have a crush. The heart stopping, can’t live without you, wanna see you every day, kind of crush.

I know. I know.  It happens to me all the time.  I love people.  I love boys.  I love being obsessed with things.

But this is real.

I have a crush on my family.

I know that I’ve told you they are the worst.  But, I lied.  I want to be with them all of the time.  I would rather hang out with them than go searching bars for guys – although, I usually do both at the same time.

I want to hang out with them on a Friday night and then see them again first thing Saturday morning.

The fact that they put up with me through everything I put them through is reason enough.

They are the least judgmental and the most judgmental people all at the same time and I love it.

fam 3

They are the first people I text when my cab driver picks up a hitch hiker while I’m still in the cab.

fam 6

They are the first people I call when I went home with a guy who had purple sheets.

fam 7

They let me touch their pregnant bellies whenever I want – kinda.


They are the ones who look at a toddler walking and tell me that’s what I look like on a Saturday night.

fam 5

They are the ones who buy shots of Fireball and Coors Light in groups of 15+.


They are the ones who throw up on themselves in bars and still insist on raging.

fam 8

They are the ones who answer my Facetime calls even if they don’t want to.

fam 4

They are the ones who I have a crush on, I just hope they feel the same way.

That’s all,

– J


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