Soup or Bowl?

Hey guys – THE SUPER BOWL IS THIS SUNDAY.  Oh! you didn’t know?  You’re so lucky that you have me to keep you up to date on current events.

I probably would be unaware of this fact except that the Broncos are in it and I live in Denver.  Plus, I work with all guys so ESPN is always on in the kitchen.

Growing up, this particular football game just meant that I would go with my parents to their friends house and eat a lot of awesome food. My philosophy was to always pick the team with the best colors and then just talk shit about the other team. BAM!

This year is going to be slightly different since we are going to my cousins house to “watch” it and he hates:
  • Team Sports
  • High Fiving
  • Fist bumping
  • Yelling at the TV
  • People who wear jerseys or any other sports paraphernalia
  • The people who say ‘WE’ when referring to their team. Ex: “We really rocked in that last game.” – He will look at you in disgust and say, “Oh, really? Did WE?! Were you the one catching the ball in the end zone? I didn’t think so.”

So.. this is either going to be super entertaining – or some super restricted bullshit.  You guys will find me with a beer in my hand and sitting as close to the chips and dip as possible.  I’ll just be taking it all in and giving my unsolicited opinion on the commercials and physical features of every player. And then there’s this…


But really, the amount of information that I know about football is SO minuscule that it’s almost a little alarming.  Everything I’ve learned has come from Friday Night Lights (the show, not the movie) and The League – which is not even about real football, it’s fantasy football.  OH, and whichever ones the Kardashian’s have dated – obviously. #teamreggie

HAHAHA: My computer just tried to correct Kardashians to Guardianship.. ahhh the little things

Anyway, what’s even sadder than my reality TV references is that in high school, I cheered for football my freshman year.  Clearly I payed attention and learned a lot.

So in celebration of Throwback Thursday and the “Super Bowl” here are some pictures from my rah rah days!

Cheer 1 Cheer 2 Cheer 3 Cheer 4 Cheer 5

Sis Boom Bah! Go Broncos!

– J


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