Guys. I’m busy.

Since my last post – in no particular order – I have:

  • Gotten dragged out of an Alien Ant Farm concert because I was the “most aggressive in the mosh pit” – and then convinced the bouncers to let me back in.
  • Spent hours on hours listening to a house full of gay guys sing along to a player piano – awesome.
  • Been persuaded to give my number to the hottest bartender I have ever seen (he actually asked for it) – after I was (maybe) to blame for a waitress spilling an entire tray of drinks in a full restaurant – he hasn’t called me yet haha.
  • Been denied access into a bar after the bouncer saw my roommate and I blatantly drinking a PBR on the sidewalk that I had stashed in my purse.

party party

  • Hitched a ride from strangers from the bars to our house when we couldn’t find a cab – then tried to get them to give me their address so that I could send them a check since I didn’t have cash on me.  They wanted no part of that.
  • House sat for my cousins – thought I killed their cat when I couldn’t find him but actually didn’t kill any of their animals. Success.
  • Attempted to ride in Tour De Fat Denver – but failed due to my cusband’s (cousin’s husband) inability to make sure that his bike tire wasn’t flat.


  • Started watching Orange is the New Black and Summer Heights High.
  • Moved in to my very own office at work. Woooooop.
  • Wasted an entire Saturday throwing up (cause still unknown)
  • Got Piper grooomed. Woof.

piper groomed

  • Hung out at Target’s Customer Service Desk for over 2 hours because they sent me kids clothes and 8 ugly jean jackets instead of what I actually ordered.
  • Hooked up with a friends co-worker. Now nicknamed Dead Greg.
  • Found out Subway is open after 3AM on Saturday nights.
  • Saw DMB and Snoop Dogg – and survived, barely.


  • Drove almost 2 hours to an event that should have only been a 20 minute drive (considered garage hopping in the ‘burbs on the way) only to realize that it was not what we expected – left and went to a bar instead. Networking 101.
  • Watched my friend almost get arrested for telling a police officer to “STOP! In the name of love”
  • Survived the Colorado floods. (photo credit to @brandash)

co floods

  • Ran into this girl and refrained from being mean or physically abusive.
  • Got a new toothbrush.

So needless to say – I have had my hands full with… myself.  But stay tuned because this week, one of my best friends from Philly is coming to visit and we are going camping (his first time EVER) at Riot Fest.

Let the fun begin,

– J


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