9 0 2 1 Oh No.

If you haven’t seen the last weeks episode of 90210 – leave now because I’m about to spoil it for you.  If you don’t watch the show – good for you, you have more self control than I do.  If you do watch it, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

The show is ridiculous. I’m not saying it’s not entertaining.. it is.  But it is to the point where I’m not sure where this is going.. what more can happen to this small group of teenaged kids that hasn’t already happened? I always like to think that I love watching dramatic TV because it stays on the screen and not in my life.  Honestly – I just love it. LOVE IT. And sometimes wish that my daily life was just as interesting.  Then I smack myself.  Because TV is not real.. unless its reality TV – then it’s still not real but I am more okay with pretending it is.

Let me explain.

In ONE episode

A movie star teenager was ready to run away with his older girlfriend who is the step mom of his classmate and recently divorced her dying husband to get all his money. Ya following?

Another character wrote a memoir about being a prostitute and then her newly found half brother was framed for drug possession by her scorned lover that she wrote about.

That said brother then goes to jail and misses his kids birthday party which causes them to move across the country.

THEN – A Japanese prince overdoses in a hotel room and causes a political scandal in which a main character takes the fall for in order to win the good graces of a guy’s mom who she just met last episode but.. duh – it’s true love.

One girl finds out she has cancer and another one finds out she lost cancer girl’s baby – all in about a minute and 30 seconds.  It’s too much. I can’t.

Finally, a washed up singer then proceeds to take the stage after Fall Out Boy rocks out – the stage is engulfed in flames and BINGO – that’s when her ex-boyfriend decides that he wants her back. When she’s probably already dead – although, we don’t know if she’s okay because of the cinematic fade to black that makes you wait until the following week.  It’s like they know that now I HAVE to watch the next episode.. so intuitive.

I’m sure I’m missing a lot, but those were the main points.  OH and every single one of these characters have slept with at least one other character.. sometimes 3 other characters. And yet everyone is still best friends.  Realistic.  And so addicting.  See where I’m coming from? Is this what young adulthood is supposed to be like? If so – I am totally missing out and need new friends.

And all these kids have been sipping on martinis since they were freshman in high school.  This cannot be real.  When I was a freshman I had braces and was worried about what I would do if my boyfriend tried to hold my hand in the hallways.  Not wearing designer high heels and mini skirts around the pool to lure older guys into paying for my drinks. But, hey, that’s Beverly Hills for ya…?




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