She said what!?

FRIDAY’S ADVICE OF THE DAY (because I know you all sit on the edge of your chairs waiting for me to tell you what to do and how to live your lives):

If you ever get the chance to go out for drinks or dinner with your superiors – DO IT.  But make sure there is a lot of wine involved. I was hesitant at first.  The girl that I work the most closely with in the office and I have A LOT of secrets and stories together that we really don’t need the whole office knowing about.  So when our VP asked us to drinks and dinner, I was making a mental list of everything that I should not say, bring up, elude to… the list was long.  And having martinis first before we met up with her was a bold decision.

BUT – this dinner could not have gone any better if I wrote the script myself.  This lady had secrets.  And juicy secrets, at that.  Every sentence was prefaced with “I’m only telling this to you guys – but…”

Now, I always knew she was a powerful person in the office because she has been with the company from the beginning, but she is powerful.  She talked about all the barriers she broke in the finance world when she first started and how she was the first woman to do many things and how many magazines she was in… You’re probably thinking that this was a bragfest.  Wrong, she is humble and awesome.

The most attractive thing about her isn’t her power though, it’s her mouth.  She loves the F word almost as much as I do.  And I had no idea!

I didn’t know how awesome until she admitted that she had no idea what she was doing when she first started and the only reason she got so far was because she was hot and wore short dresses.

Then she said – “They saw our cunts before they saw our brains.”

WHAT!? A feminist who knows the power of being female – and. uses. it. SWOON.

Wait… She just walked in and told me she slept in her coat from last night.  DOUBLE SWOON.

I hope I’m a badass bitch when I’m in my late 50’s.  Happy Friday!



Also, thanks to you guys – reached over 150 views in one day for the first time ever.


Cheers, bitches,



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