“What’s that you say? You’re a colossal sham who will never have your life in order? One who eats microwave taquitos in lieu of breakfast? One who has many dead bugs trapped between the windowpanes in your bedroom, which doesn’t make sense, because how did they even get there? One whose actions do not reflect the fact that, chronologically, you are absolutely, completely, and undeniably an adult?”

This is the first paragraph of a new book I just picked up called Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown.  I have only read the first paragraph and clearly this speaks to me.


I have been wanting to write about the topic of being an adult for sometime now regardless of how un-adult-like my life actually is.  At what point do you become an Adult with a capital A.  Is it when you get your first real job out of college? When you move out of your parents house? When you buy a car? When you get married? When you have a kid? I think this is different for everyone and I am no exception to this rule.  At 23 years old I am considered an adult.. if I murder someone. Besides that – I feel like majority of people do not think I am close. Heck, my own parents still say, “Just wait until you’re big.” And they don’t mean big in the literal sense of – maybe you should gain 20 pounds and then people will start taking you more seriously.  They mean big, as in what I can only assume means, responsible, put together, proper, a lady, accountable, in control of your actions. And I am only some of those things, some of the time.

Yes. I’m living on my own, have a job, pay my own bills and fully support myself.  But as for an Adult.. I’m not there.  I still live with 6 guys with a keg in my backyard most of the time.  I take naps almost daily. I haven’t cooked anything besides a bag of popcorn in months.  I watch Boy Meets World instead of CNN.  Chipotle is my favorite restaurant. I park my car and leave the sunroof open way too often. I listen to Blink 182 on the reg.  I like dressing up in costumes.  I enjoy eating all the cookie batter and never baking the cookies.  And my motto is still, “I’d do anything for a free t-shirt.”

If all this sounds good to you, maybe you aren’t ready for adulthood either.  Having a little bit of responsibility while still being able to do whatever the hell you want with little to no consequences sounds like a blast.  I’m no longer a child but as for an Adult..  I’m not that either.  I’m in limbo.  And it feels fucking good. I know I’ve learned a lot and I have a long way to go.  Advice will be accepted but probably ignored.  So I’m going to read this Adulting book and soak in what I can without having to grow up too much.  Clearly, Peter Pan had the right idea.

Off to never never land,



One thought on “Adulting.

  1. You totally have to try cookie butter from trader joes you could prolly mix it with cookie butter and take it to a whole new level ! Liked the post !

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