Polo problems.

I have a very difficult boss. Very difficult in the sense that he is volatile, cranky, unpredictable and very, very particular about absolutely everything.  So, when he asks me to order him Michael Kors polos – 7 in black and 7 in navy – it is a more daunting task than it should be.  First of all, he has one that he likes that I have as a reference.  Too bad for me that the reference shirt does not tell me what kind of shirt it is.  I can’t just type soft fabric polo into the MK website.  I tried.  Isn’t online shopping supposed to be fun?

So looking online, I ordered what I thought looks like the most similar to my reference shirt.  Ignoring the really awful looking MK models and trying to focus on the product..


I soon found out that no, you cannot order 7 polos at a time.  I could only order 5 in black and 2 in navy.  So of course the next day my boss asks if I’ve ordered them and I have to explain to him that I cannot purchase 7 of each color at a time.

His response – “What the fuck are they thinking?”

This is a very common response to things I say. Others include.. “Are they fucking idiots?” and “How/What/Why the fuck?” And I have still not mastered how I am to respond to this.  Is he being hypothetical or does he actually want my opinion on what the MK website people are thinking.  Probably that no one needs 7 black polos at $125 a pop at one time.  They are wrong. So wrong.

Not to be outdone, I made a trip to Nordstrom in order to feel and compare polos for him so that I know I get it right and guess what? They were discontinued. Are. You. Kidding. Me?!  Since when did I become an executive assistant AND a personal shopper. Oh, since today.  Now I must find another brand he likes that is high end but does not have an insignia and his advice to me? “Think outside of the box.” Oh. Ok. Sure.

photo (10)

Damn you, high end fashion world for making my job so much more difficult.

Inside the box,



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