Happy Monday?

mondays suck.

I think we can all agree on this one. And the worst part about this one is that it has been a 2-day stint of birthday celebrations with a lot of drinking and laughing and not so much eating.   And a hangover is bad.  But, a hangover on 6am on a Monday morning sitting at your desk in a financial office is worse and I already feel driven to consume even more coffee than I had already planned on. The Starbucks baristas see me more than my own mother.

So, in honor of these mundane mondays, i’m going to rant intensely about a subject that has recently come to light this we. So back to ranting about the good things in life.

like eskimo brothers.

Over the weekend, 2 guys that I hang out with somewhat regularly have found out they are eskimo brothers with a mutual friend.  What are eskimo brothers you ask? You may have heard it by other terms such as wiener cousins or booty bandit.  Let this clip from The League fill you in.

Now – after 3 hours of unlimited mimosas – this topic was talked about openly and well documented.


Now THAT deserves some celebration.  Why not revel in the fact that the both of you just nailed the same girl.  It’s a brotherhood. A union. A bond… It’s awesome. And I’m pretty positive that it’s more common than some think.  Especially within circles of friends. Also, insert Eiffel Tower jokes here –> [  ].

I commend everyone in the situation for being good sports.  When I texted this picture to the eskimo girl, she showed up for the gathering and gossip in 10 minutes flat.  I get it. If I’m being talked about, I would totally want to be there to make fun of myself too.  Otherwise it’s just hurtful and mean.

But what bothers me most about this.. not that all my friends are sleeping together and I’m still out there looking for my Ted Mosby (you’ll soon realize how utterly obsessed I am with How I Met Your Mother) BUT MORE SO –  why aren’t eskimo sisters aren’t celebrated like this!? I’ll tell you why – because when some girls find out that they’ve slept with the same guy it’s like instant jealousy, craziness and awkwardness.  Girls are fuckers.  If I was feeling ambitious enough – I would track down every girl that has slept with every guy that I have and give her a high five.  She deserves it. Girls need to be more like guys in a lot more ways than this one.  I’ll go more in depth on that bold statement later. I must get back to my Monday.

Keep sharing igloos,



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