Bye 22, it’s been real.

Today is my last day of being 22.

This is the last day that I will see this at the gym..

photo (4)

My hesitations of turning 23 have been made clear to my closest friends.  Is it to early to have a mid-life crisis?

I like 22. I want to be 22 forever. It’s nice. And fun. And I never want to grow up!

So many good things have happened at 22. From the beginning..


  • I graduated college.


  • I finally got the courage to break up with a long term boyfriend.


  • I lived at the beach for a summer.

photo (5)

  • I spontaneously moved to Colorado.


  • My best friend got married


  • AND had a baby


  • I got my first ‘real’ job that pays salary.

photo (7)

  • I got my second tattoo.

photo (9)

  • I bought my first car (and got a bunch of tickets)

photo (8)

Live fast. Die Young.



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