The black cloud rises again.

I went to a happy hour on Friday with two people that I work with, drank a few chocolate martinis (they tasted like chocolate milk – but better) and went to a last minute hockey game with one of the guys I live with.  I was so drunk that I dropped my wallet in the parking lot and didn’t even notice.  Worst part, is my friend came to visit 2 weeks ago and totaled my car when I was at work, so I had $800 cash in my wallet to put as a down payment on a new car. Needless to say, I spent all day Saturday wallowing and being hungover.  The only reason I left my room was to get Chipotle.  MMM.
On Sunday – I got a Facebook message from a guy who lives in Chicago and only flew in for the hockey game and he sent my wallet back to me! With everything in it! YAY!! Lesson learned – no more chocolate martinis.. for now.
Oh, but there’s more.  I had my cousins truck (since my car got totaled) and was driving it to work yesterday morning. The parking garage in my building is low clearance – and it fit under the measuring pole thing before you go in.  You know, the thing that dangles down and its usually red and white stripes that says – if you don’t fit under this, don’t come in.  Well I fit, so I kept going, and once I went down the little ramp I hit the ceiling of the parking garage and ripped the ski rack right off the top of his truck.  Just pulled that mother off like a tonka truck.
I was so nervous to tell him that I thought I was going to throw up but, when I did – he just laughed at me and didn’t care.  Luckily the truck was okay and it was only the plastic clamps on the ski rack that came off. But on the Jordan Idiot Scale.. that’s like a 9… and it cost me $500. WOMP.
Couldn’t have said it better myself,

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