Celibate at 23?

So I’ve been hanging out a new guy, a guy whose apartment door I knocked on and found by accident. We’ve hung out a couple times.  Let’s say 4.

But, he just found out that he is moving to California for 3 months for his job and then coming back..? And he’s leaving Friday.  So we’ve been hanging out almost every day and he keeps saying that he wants to see me as much as possible before he goes. Now – to me, this sounds like almost an ideal situation.  Hang out for awhile and then sayanora! But it’s more complicated then that.. He’s very, how should I put this, slow on the uptake?  I don’t know if he’s shy or scared or what.  He always holds my hand and stuff but I have to be the one to kiss him! It’s weird.


And to top it off, we’ve never even full on made out or anything.. I don’t understand. Why would he want to hang out so much if he isn’t even getting any.  So anyway, I always initiate, which I have no problem doing.

Now to the good stuff – his grandfather flew in to help him move and is staying with his sister tonight because that’s where he’s storing all his stuff.  Therefore, he is staying with me because he doesn’t have a bed.  How convenient.. or is it?

I’m not really sure what to assume since we haven’t even rounded second base but, he IS spending the night. What does a girl have to do? I don’t know if I should initiate anything or not? I mean.. he is leaving.  And I would totally hit a homerun with him but.. it’s just that things have been progressing so slowly even though we hang out all the time – and by all the time, 4 times. He always says that he can’t wait to see me and blah blah blah but he never makes a freakin’ move. Is this a 21st century gentleman or is he just not interested in THAT.  Did I just make a platonic friend?

Searching for clarification,



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