So, last  night I was going over to my friends apartment for a pot luck dinner with some people who I work with (or used to work with, since I got fired (HAHAHA). Anyway.. she lives in an apartment complex that has exactly 50 million different buildings, so I was wandering around the parking lot like an asshole with my avocado white bean hummus trying to find building G.

I see this guy with a hat and a dog get out of his car (looks safe) so I ask him if he knows where it is.  Lucky for me, he was going to the same building.  La dee da. So we walked together and rode the elevator up.  He was super cute and we had some chit chat on the ride up.   He took the elevator with me to the 5th floor – even though he was visiting a friend who was on the 4th floor (417).

So I get to my friends apartment and am feeling super bold after half a Corona, and decide to take some brownies down to 417 to thank the very cute guy for helping me out.  Nice thing to do, right? I muster up all my courage and knock on 417.  And older gross looking man with a cat (typical) opens the door .. so I’m thinking.. this might be his.. dad? or friend? I don’t know.  I then proceed to make an ass out of myself trying to explain to him why I’m standing there with brownies.  Of course he has no idea what I’m talking about.. so I ask if he wants the brownies, he says no, and I admit defeat.
THEN AGAIN, maybe I heard him wrong and he said 416.. So I went to the next door and rang the doorbell and a cute guy answered (not the one who walked me up, but not bad) so I thought it was his friend.  I was all.. “Hi, (flutter eyelashes) was your friend here in a baseball hat.. with a dog? Blank. Stare.  He obviously thought I was crazy.  So I convinced him to take the brownies and apologized for the confusion.  I was super embarrassed and pissed that I lost the guy from the elevator.
I went back to my friends and finished the other half of my beer.  Feeling good.  I still had adrenaline pumping through me from thinking I was going to talk to elevator guy, so I decided to leave a note with my number on 416’s door.. why not?  It said something to the extent of.. Hi sorry for the confusion, I’m glad I made the mistake though, I hope you liked the brownies. Wow, I’m so lame.  Any who… he texted me last night!
“Hey Jordan this is Apt 416.. but people usually call me Michael.  The brownies were amazing and I’m glad you made the mistake as well.”
Good friends. Good Times.
Here’s to making your own happy endings,

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